What is meant by IP ratings?

thumb FT22 outside 90 group WetIP (also known as Ingress Protection) rating is an international standard (IEC 60529) that measures how effectively devices/products are protected from intrusion by foreign solid objects or liquids.

The IP Rating uses two numbers to determine a device/products ingress protection rating. Each number is rated on a scale of zero to eight. The first digit determines the protection rating against solids and the second digit determines the protection against liquids. Sometimes you will see a rating of "X" which means no rating.


Stainless steel - when and where to use

thumb Stainless Steel Sheet Plate Strip Coil Circle Stainless Steel is widely used on various products and applications........but what is stainless steel?  What makes it unique ?  and why is it more expensive than other carbon steels?

Stainless steel has been around for over 100 years, and is manufactured by adding small percentages of different alloy elements to create hundreds of differing types.  To differentiate each type they are assigned numbers which relate to these particular elements, the most common types generally quoted are 304 and 316. Lasnek manufacture products from both these grades, and as such this document will focus on both these types.